Nestled in Chester’s famous city walls is a charming little cafe and tea shop called Tea on the Wall.

A few years ago it used to be a restaurant called The Mediterranean, but did you know there is a slightly unnerving story from back in those days?

Mary Ann Cameron, who wrote the book Chester City of Ghosts, revealed an eerie tale that many may not have been aware of.

“Back when it was The Mediterranean, whenever a new member of staff started working there, the first thing the manager always did was to ask them to go into the kitchen to fetch something,” she explained.

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“When they returned to the manager’s office, they would find all the other members of staff eagerly waiting to see their face and whether they looked scared. If they did, it was because of the ghostly experience in the kitchen.

“One new waitress who was a student of mine, told me that when she went into the kitchen, she felt someone behind her about to attack her - so she ran out as fast as possible. It was the ghost, apparently, of a previous chef who had attacked a waiter many years before.”

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Intrigued, when the building re-opened as Tea on the Wall, Mary Ann wanted to check it out for herself and went into the kitchen to see if she could feel anything.

What did she discover? Nothing, which she says she is not sure whether she’s glad or disappointed about.

“As far as I know, nothing has happened since - perhaps it’s because they serve such a good cuppa,” she muses.

Have you ever had a ghostly experience in Tea on the Wall? Let us know.