Cheshire Youth Brass Band reunion brings back the memories

Band for the county's talented musicians was started in 1970 and ran for 42 years

Overcoming those creative differences and putting the band back together is always difficult.

It becomes even tougher when there are hundreds of former members.

Fortunately a reunion concert for Cheshire Youth Brass Band went off without a hitch.

A special one-off performance was held at the University of Chester for friends and family.

The Cheshire Youth Brass Band reunion performance at the University of Chester

Founder and former conductor Peter Room said: “It was quite an experience, just out of this world.

“There were people there from the band in the 70’s and of course it was a youth band then, but by now many are old age pensioners.

“We were all taken aback.”

It was all started by Mr Room in 1970 as the Cheshire County Youth Brass Band.

In total the band had four conductors; Mr Room, David Lancashire, Sandy Blair and Tony Lewis.

Cheshire Youth Brass Band on a European tour

A slight name change and 42 years later they held their final performance in 2012.

The CCYBB/CYBB was open to talented young musicians from across the county.

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Mr Room said: “It’s difficult to say what made the band so special.

“We all made such good friends and playing music together is what made it great, when there are 60 people together it always sounds good.

“There are so many memories, we played for royalty including the Queen and we toured America a number of times.”

Cheshire Youth Brass Band performing in New York in 1982

Mr Lancashire set the ball rolling towards a reunion by sending out messages to more than 100 band members.

Not all could attend, but some travelled far from Australia, USA and South Africa to join the reunion.

Any long-lost bandmates wishing to make contact should email or search the Cheshire County Youth Brass Band Facebook page.

Were you once part of the Cheshire Youth Brass Band? Did you see them perform? Let us know in the comments below.

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