A much-loved cat who shot to international fame after setting up a second home at his local supermarket in Saltney was taken ill over the weekend.

Brutus – ‘The Morrisons Cat’ – was quite out of sorts yesterday, Saturday, January 16, and was not motivated to take up his regular spot outside the supermarket doors on High street.

After two days sleeping at home and refusing to eat owner Claire Owens eventually decided to take him to Chester Gates referral hospital last night (January 16).

Speaking earlier today on Brutus’ Facebook page, which has nearly 9,000 likes, she said: “They have kept him in overnight and he’s on a drip to get him rehydrated and help flush out his kidneys.

“They have taken a blood sample and unfortunately his kidney parameters have more than doubled since his last bloods were taken in September.

“He’s still refusing to eat which is common in cats who have extremely high urea and creatinine levels in their system as it makes them feel nauseous.

“Our poor little boy isn’t looking good, but I have just called them for an update and they are going to keep him in again overnight tonight and we will be visiting him later on today.

“Hopefully the fluids will have perked him up a bit, but I’ll try tempting him to eat while we’re there. We’re trying to be positive although devastated at his sudden decline in health.

“We always knew since he was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease at the end of 2014 that our gorgeous fluffy little man would not have a long life, but it doesn’t make it any easier.”

Brutus in the Morrisons car park

Just after 6pm tonight, Sunday, January 17, Claire posted a more positive update.

She said: "Brutus update! Just been to visit him at Chester Gates. He's looking brighter than he was when we dropped him off last night. He's been on IV fluids all day which will have helped.

"He's not as dehydrated but he's still not eating much. They got him to eat a bit this morning and he ate a chunk of warm chicken while we were with him. They're going to retake bloods tomorrow and keep him in.

"He's had some medication to stop him feeling sick and possibly going to give him an appetite stimulant. He's on pain relief too as his kidneys are huge.

"They are bigger than dogs kidneys and they must be painful. Hopefully his kidney levels will have come down but we won't know until tomorrow.

"If they do then that's a good sign but if not then that's not great news. He sends his love to all his fans! Just get yourself better Brutus so we can bring you home!

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