Chester woman removed from diabetes register after successful weight loss

Beryl Wigglesworth attends a Weight Watchers group in Chester city centre

Beryl Wigglesworth from Chester has now been taken off the diabetes register after losing 35lbs

A woman from Chester has succeeded in getting her name removed from the diabetic register thanks to a weight loss group in the city.

In 2012 Beryl Wigglesworth was told she had Type 2 diabetes, related to her being overweight, and was required to attend the diabetic clinic at her local GPs every six months for tests.

Beryl, who describes herself as an ‘80 something’, said: “I knew I had put weight on as I felt so uncomfortable and really bad about myself, I knew my weight had caused me to get diabetes and I knew I had to do something about it so in April 2016 I joined Weight Watchers.”

Beryl attended a weekly Weight Watcher group at the Wesley Methodist Church on St John Street.

She added: “I did really well with my weight loss each week and started to feel a lot better about myself, I attended with a friend so we supported each other.”

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In October 2016 Beryl returned to the diabetic clinic for her six monthly check, having lost two stone in weight. When she got her test results, she was told that she she was no longer required to be on the register.

Beryl has now lost a total of 35lbs and says her Weight Watcher group leader Karen Griffiths has been extremely supportive and is ecstatic over the results.

Beryl said: “I feel so much happier about myself and so much healthier. Diabetes effects everything in your life, every time I went away I had to mention it just in case, I had to watch my diet all the time but with Weight Watchers it has shown me a whole new way of healthy eating.”

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