An exhibition exploring the fascinating variety of modern drawings has opened at Chester’s Grosvenor Museum.

‘Modern Drawings: Vision and Temperament’ will run until January 15.

Councillor Louise Gittins, cabinet member for communities and well-being, said: “Dr Tom McGuirk, senior lecturer in fine art at the University of Chester, has selected this exhibition from the Grosvenor Museum’s collection.

“The twin themes of the exhibition, ‘vision’ and ‘temperament’, are explored through reflection on the chosen drawings, focusing on the insights they provide into the individual artist’s vision and, by extension, into how we all see.

“To peer through another’s eyes is to see afresh, so come along and take a look.”

Dr Tom McGuirk explained: “The 19th-century French author Émile Zola said that art presents ‘a corner of nature seen through a temperament’.

“This exhibition shows us many corners, through a variety of temperaments. The drawings explore multiple aspects of the natural world, of human beings and of our built environment, along with abstract visions.

'Marvellous artefacts'

“They range from working preparatory studies for closely observed portraits, to impeccable architectural records of Chester’s streetscape, together with many other subjects.

“Drawings are complex and marvellous artefacts, whether seen as a by-product of the artist’s vision or as bearers of layered meaning in themselves.

“In these drawings we can read everything from the subject’s variegated forms to the artist’s mood. Drawings provide insight not only into what but also how the artist sees, and looking at them also gives us insight into how vision works.”

The exhibition has been created in partnership between the Grosvenor Museum and the University of Chester, and has been supported by the Grosvenor Museum Society.

Maurice Rider, chairman of the Grosvenor Museum Society, said: “I am delighted that the Grosvenor Museum Society has been able to support this exhibition with funding for conservation.

“The society supports the museum across a range of activities, funding acquisitions for the collection, conservation and publications, education and events. The Society is totally committed to supporting the Grosvenor Museum and its mission.”

The programme of accompanying events includes:

  • Wednesday, November 9, ‘Dispossession: a graphic adaptation of a great Victorian novel’, lecture by Dr Simon Grennan.
  • Friday, December 9, exhibition tour with Dr Tom McGuirk.
  • Wednesday, December 14, ‘Drawing: Seeing Through a Temperament’, lecture by Dr Tom McGuirk.