A well-known Chester hotelier paralysed in a horse-riding accident eight years ago has published his memoirs.

At Your Service tells the colourful tale of John Mawdsley’s life in the city since arriving in 1967, and details how he built up Mollington Banastre from a small houser into the 100 bedroom hotel and spa it is today.

He also writes candidly about how he coped with the aftermath of a life changing riding accident which has left him unable to move.

Mr Mawdsley, who lives in Mollington, also relates anecdotes including his time working for the Queen Mother and spending time with screen idol Sophia Loren.

He said: “Life does not always follow the carefully laid plans of our imaginations and if I had known, that late in life I would fall from a horse and very nearly not survive to tell the tale, I might have been a little more cautious with my aspirations.

“I have had more than my fair share of good fortune though - I have a beautiful wife and two lovely daughters and a lifetime of stories to tell my grandchildren, especially when I see that all-too-familiar sadness creep into their eyes as they question why their grandfather cannot lift them above his head as other grandfathers do.”

He added: “As I look back on my life now, I see that those hardships, those early battles fought and occasionally even won, shaped me into the man I am today and filled me with real courage and strength.

“I need it now, of course, more than ever – that inner strength which promises to make heroes of us all.”

John’s book is available to buy on Amazon and any e-book retailer.