A POLICE community support officer who is always on duty has been put forward for a Your Champions accolade.

PCSO Keith Bartlett, who regularly patrols around the Hoole area, has been put forward for the Champion Person of the Year.

Sophie Grant, who nominated PCSO Bartlett for the honour, said: “Keith goes above and beyond his duties as a PCSO, helping the local community when off duty, making Hoole feel a safer place and reducing crime.”

PCSO Bartlett said: “When I am off duty, I am still popping into the shops around Hoole and asking if everything is all right, checking the CCTV and seeing if there is any trouble.

“I live in Kingsway but I still go round the area and people can come up to me and say ‘I know you are off duty but...’ and I will always listen to their concerns and give them advice.

“If I see anyone acting suspiciously and I am off duty, I will still make sure to report it.

“I have been off for four weeks with a broken ankle but I have still been checking around the area. I just do my best.”