Winsford firefighters ensured a group of young people on a Respect programme were given an action-packed day when they visited the station.

The students, from both Winsford Academy and Hartford High School, worked with the crew on an exercise which involved them rescuing a person from a road traffic collision.

The firefighters assisted as the group, under close supervision, using equipment including the “Jaws of Life”, a specialist tool that cuts through metal like it was butter, enabling the crew to remove the roof and doors of any vehicle as required.

The Respect programme is aimed at young people between 13 and 16 who may be experiencing difficulties in engaging with school or their peers.

Watch manager Lee Cliffe assisted the group on the day.

He said: “It’s great to be able to get involved with the Respect programme. Firefighters are seen as mentors who are good, positive, caring role models for the young people to follow.

“We get to see first-hand how the young people change in such a short space of time and go from being quiet and possibly having a low self esteem to becoming confident individuals as they work with us on exercises such as a road traffic collision. This group was very enthusiastic, got fully involved in the activities and left with a more confident attitude.”

The project aims to improve self esteem and encourages young people to grow in confidence and is led by Youth Engagement staff and firefighters on each station who share their expertise.

For more information about the Respect Programme visit the website .