A Winsford pub which won a national competition to be recreated in Rio de Janeiro for the World Cup has received another treat – a pub quiz hosted by none other than the Pub Landlord himself.

Comedian Al Murray presided over the battle of wits at The Old Star last Wednesday, and praised punters’ general knowledge.

The watering hole beat more than 2,000 nominated boozers to claim victory in McCoy’s search for a pub to put on a plane to Rio de Janeiro, which celebrity judge Al described as ‘a closely fought battle’ between ‘top notch’ pubs.

So while most Brits will be heading to their local pubs to watch the tournament unfold this summer, landlord Ernie Welch and nine lucky punters will be watching it from the comfort of a replica of The Old Star just a stone’s throw from Rio’s famous beaches.

For the pub’s faithful regulars who won’t make it to Rio, McCoy’s put on a special quiz night.

Al said: “It’s fair to say the Copacabana spirit was in full swing in Winsford! It was a great night, in a great British pub and there was plenty of competition for the pub quiz top spot.

“The Old Star was a worthy winner of the Rio McCoy’s Local competition, they shone through from the start despite tough competition. It’s the perfect example of a top British boozer!

“Meeting Ernie, the winning landlord, was great and a real honour – we even happened to dress the same! The punters of The Old Star are top notch – their general knowledge was cracking too!”

A proud Ernie said: “Last Wednesday with Al Murray was brilliant, he arrived mid afternoon and I spent a few hours with him chatting and doing a photo shoot.

“I actually bought a maroon blazer and dressed identically to him. He found it really amusing and actually gave me his original tie and tie pin to wear and keep as a memento.

“He was excellent with all my customers and took time to do photos and signings with them. It was a fabulous night and the pub looked great with all the Brazilian World Cup flavour added to it.”