Floating the idea of bringing trams back into service in Chester stoked a split reaction.

Private company Trampower believe they have found a potential route which ‘could be financially viable’.

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Many were not sure why trams would be more useful than your own two legs.

Katherine Beckett commented: “In my lunch hour I can walk from boughton Waitrose to the walls, round the walls in full and back. Why would anyone use a tram?!”

Amy Wingfield said: “The city centre is basically two roads that cross over. I don’t think Chester needs trams. Its probaly one of the most walkable cities in England.”

A tram running in Birmingham, should Chester bring them back?

But there was no clear consensus for or against a new scheme.

Karl Cleveley said: “Great idea, but whether it's financially viable, it remains to be seen. Would be interesting to know why the original tram service was stopped in Chester.”

Carolyn Anne posted: “Love this idea. People on here keep whining on about bad traffic and parking problems (how unusual for a city...), but offer an alternative and it’s still doom and gloom!”

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Trampower want Chester to follow a precedent set in Preston, which has just approved a trial line with the potential for more routes to be added.

A common comment was the city was just too compact to accommodate the rails and it could even ‘spoil’ its intimate feel.

A tram in the snow looking down Eastgate Street dating back to the early 1900's.

Daryl Morris said: “Think Chester is too small for trams, wouldn’t be worth the money.”

Pauline Griffiths said: “Chester is too small for trams ..please don’t spoil our City..”

Steve Cooper added: “Chester probably too small for modern trams. But it’s interesting they have become popular again in cities. Things have gone full circle!”

Backers believe trams could help to reduce congestion and pollution if they were reintroduced.

They have not run through the city since 1930, but remnants of the old routes are still visible today.

A bracket or 'rose' which used to hold overhead tram cables but now stops The Grosvenor hotel sign swinging in the wind.

Rachel Cross said: “Many won’t remember but Chester did once have trams. I’d like to see a return.”

Ean Jones added: “Have always said trams would be the best thing for the city.”

GTB commented: “I think trams would be a great idea, Liverpool missed out because of political wranglings over money, Manchester has a great tram service straight through their main shopping areas which has benefited retailers greatly.”

Other readers had different priorities.

James Parry commented: “They need to get the awful and infrequent bus service sorted before they start thinking about trams

Steve Gresty said: “Got enough traffic around town as it is. Only time it’d come in handy if the drop off spots were pubs - but I think I’d manage going from the Red Lion to the Pied Bull without.”

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