West Cheshire Foodbank has sent a huge thank you to local Co-ops.

Great Sutton Co-op at Hope Farm, Overpool Co-op and Co-op Funeral Care in Little Sutton teamed up to send a donation of £1,205 to the Ellesmere Port based charity.

The donation came from the 1% the company sets aside from what their members spend on Co-op branded products plus money from the sale of carrier bags.

It is part of the Co-op’s commitment to ethical trading policies.

The Foodbank ’s latest newsletter says: “We are delighted that the members and staff at these Co-ops want to be part of our community response to food poverty.

“If you feel that you want to support the Co-op’s fund-raising for local charities through their shops then you can become a member by going to their website or applying in-store.”

The foodbank says its warehouse stock of tinned potatoes, custard and long life juice is running low and it is especially low on UHT milk and would be very grateful for these to be included in donations.