THE FIRST person to complete an innovative new bespoke training course, devised by Vauxhalls and West Cheshire College, has received his certificate.

Ronnie Hancocks, of the Ellesmere Port Press Shop, is the first in a cohort of 300 to complete the new course which included 10 days intensive learning, followed by on-the-job consolidation, mentoring and a final performance assessment.

The multi-skill course, which is part of the preparation for GMM EP (General Motors Ellesmere Port) new model, due to be launched next year, ensures mechanically-based maintenance engineers and electrical engineers understand, and can operate across, both disciplines.

The aim is to increase plant efficiency to keep GMM EP a force to be reckoned with in the market place, while also ensuring staff are given ongoing training and development.

The course is verified by the national qualification awarding body for engineering in the UK, EAL, on behalf of the Sector Skills Council for Engineering.

And while the training programme is designed to meet GMM EP’s training needs, participants are also offered the opportunity to continue to achieve other qualifications, including NVQs.

Central Maintenance Manager at GMM EP, Dave Wells, said: “The multi-skill training programme continues to improve the skill set of the maintenance personnel at Ellesmere Port with a nationally recognised qualification.

“Multi-skilling our maintenance staff is a key component of the new vehicle launch plan, helping the organisation to achieve world class standards.”

West Cheshire College’s Assistant Manager for commercial Services, Alan Tate, said: “Employers need training courses to enable staff to enhance and develop new skills that meet the specific needs of their business.

“West Cheshire College’s skills and expertise in this area mean that we can work closely with both employers and awarding bodies to ensure training programmes both met employer needs and the demanding standard required to achieve recognised qualifications.

“Working closely with General Motors we have developed a rolling programme which benefits both the company and staff.”

For more information on courses at West Cheshire College call the College hotline on 01244 670600.


Ronnie Hancocks, of Vauxhall’s Ellesmere Port Press Shop, is the first person to receive his award for GM’s new bespoke training course.

For further information contact Penny Pallett on 01244 350583 (landline) 07880 717983 (mobile) or email