CHESTER residents are being urged to attend a special event and find out more about how changes to welfare reform could affect them.

Cheshire West and Chester Council is working with partners to provide advice and support about the Government’s welfare reforms – which will create the biggest change to the welfare system for over 60 years.

A special event commissioned by the council’s Chester Locality team will take place on Monday, March 4 at the Forum between 10am and 4pm, where a number of agencies and organisations will be present to explain to people on an individual basis how they may be affected.

Senior manager, Chester Locality, Jane Makin, said: “There are a lot of misconceptions that welfare reform will only affect pensioners, families with children, people on benefits or those who live in rented accommodation.

“In reality the welfare reform changes are much more far reaching and will have an impact on nearly all Chester residents.

“It is important that everyone understands the changes and I would urge anyone who thinks that they may be affected to attend our event and speak to experts on an individual basis about which changes may affect you.”

Representatives from the council’s Employment, Skills and Learning, Revenue and Benefits and Housing Solutions teams and Chester and District Housing Trust will be on hand to advise members of the public on various issues.

Further information on welfare reform please visit