Jane Dawson reports from Chester Mystery Plays rehearsals

WHILE the acting company went back to the beginning last weekend, rehearsing Lucifer and the Fall, Creation, Noah’s Flood and the Nativity (including drunken shepherds), a lot was happening on the marketing front.

A new flyer was designed and will be ‘on the streets’ next week. You can catch a sneak preview of it on www.chestermysteryplays.com.

It features God (played by Nick Fry) in his workshop, creating the earth, and an image of the astonishingly detailed set model created by designer, Judith Croft.

“Doing the photo-shoot was an interesting experience,” said Nick.

“We were in the darkened Chapter House at the Cathedral, surrounded by vintage tools, ‘designs’ of animals and even an ark. It somehow felt very real. I’m not sure how I feel about having my photo plastered all over Chester, though.”

We also looked at other aspects of marketing.

Volunteer Sue Benson will be helping us to put a display together for a shop window at the Odeon.

Sue said: “I’m really keen that we make sure it reflects the production which – from what I’ve seen in rehearsals – is a lot of fun, but with very dark undertones.

“I love the way that iconic characters are being given human characteristics so that we can identify with and understand them.”

And Jo Sykes, chairman of Chester Mystery Plays, and I met with Mike James at Dee 106.3. We talked about how we can work together over the next few months and how we can get Chester the Cat involved in the production.

Tickets for the 2013 production of Chester Mystery Plays (June 26 - July 13) are now on sale at www.chestermysteryplays.com or by calling 01244 500959.