A CAMPAIGN to unify Sutton Weaver residents’ home under one postcode has been supported by Weaver Vale MP Graham Evans.

Homeowners in Sutton Weaver are currently split with half using a Runcorn post code and half using a Frodsham post code causing chaos when it comes to deliveries and emergency service calls.

“The current arrangements don’t really make much sense and have been problematic for local residents for years,” said Mr Evans.

“I am determined to do my bit and help in the campaign to end this anomaly.

“Sutton Parish Council has done a fine job in putting together a detailed case for postcode unification.

“I hope that Royal Mail considers the facts carefully and listens to the wishes of local residents.”

In a letter to Moya Greene, the new chief executive of Royal Mail, Mr Evans backed

the campaign led by Sutton Parish Council to unify the village under a WA6 postcode.

When surveyed as part of a report by the parish council, more than 80% of residents backed

the campaign to switch to just having a single WA6 postcode.