A FAMILY have paid tribute to their “loving” daughter who hanged herself after battling with anorexia and depression for several years.

Waverton Primary School teacher Rachael Andrews, neé Galley, 26, of Bunbury Close, Stoak, was found dead at home by her husband Brett, a security officer, when he returned from work at about 6.30am on Saturday, January 31.

The inquest at Trident House, Chester last Thursday, heard that Rachael felt persecuted by senior staff at the school because of her eating disorder.

Husband Brett Andrews said: “She told me she felt under pressure. She felt persecuted. They were critical about what she did and Rachael didn’t take criticism well, she was a perfectionist.

“The eating disorder was so slow and progressive I didn’t quite see it to start with. Because I worked shifts I would come home from work and Rachael would have made my dinner and say she had eaten hers. I tried all sorts of different strategies, I tried to talk to her, tried to explain the necessity as to why she needed to eat, I tried to challenge her.

“I didn’t know how to deal with it. Nobody said this is what you need to be doing.

“Our lives without her are very difficult and we have all despaired at her loss.

“We feel cheated that Rachael was taken so young, yet we are grateful for the time she shared with us.

“She inspired so many people and achieved so much in her short life despite her own personal battles. ”

Mother Susan Galley said: “Rachael was a gifted young teacher. Her enthusiasm, sense, of fun and belief in the potential of all children ensured she was loved by all those in her care.

“She was a bubbly, vibrant, young lady, who loved to share and to love people.

“She was a great inspiration to all who knew her, always seeing the best in people and her belief in others gave confidence to many.

“Sadly, Rachael was not able to bring this positive attitude to bear on herself.”

Deputy assistant coroner Jean Harkin said: “It’s very clear that Rachael was a lovely girl and well liked by all who knew her and she was a very considerate person.

“She was feeling under extreme pressure at work. She had problems with her eating disorder as well as high expectations and problems with in her marriage.

“Rachael has taken her own life and done so while the balance of her mind was disturbed.”