WATCH: Mum and daughter flee flooded Ellesmere Port holiday shop in panic

Rebecca Reeves and her mum ran from the Coliseum store as lights sparked around them during Tuesday's deluge

A mum and daughter fled an Ellesmere Port holiday shop in panic after rain began pouring through the ceiling and lights began sparking around them.

Eighteen-year-old Rebecca Reeves from Backford went to the Thomson Holidays shop at the Coliseum Retail Park with her mum on Tuesday (June 14) and had been there for 20 minutes when the heavens opened.

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Mum and daughter would have been forgiven for thinking they were high and dry as they continued booking their trip but events were about to take a dramatic turn.

Rebecca said: “Rain started leaking through the ceiling in the building. We were told that it was ok and to remain calm. The lady that was dealing with us continued to help us in our quest to find the perfect holiday.”

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But as they sat there, the rain got heavier and the leak was quite obviously getting worse.

Rebecca Reeves took this picture of the flooding which hit Thomson at The Coliseum in Ellesmere Port on Tuesday

She added: “The ceiling started leaking in several places and becoming more substantial by the second. My mother and I became increasingly concerned as I’m sure you can imagine!

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“The lights then began to flicker and all of a sudden the emergency alarms began to sound extremely loudly. Despite the terrified looks on our faces, we continued to talk about the holiday, despite how serious the situation was.

Thomson at Cheshire Oaks was closed on Tuesday after it appeared part of the ceiling had collapsed due to the heavy rainfall

“Shortly after the alarms started sounding, a lady approached our table where we were told to evacuate immediately. Everyone in the shop started running out screaming in panic. We exited the store with sparking lights and floods pouring on our head by the doorway inside the shop.”

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Rebecca and her mum made it out of the shop safely but were met by a deluge of rain outside until they managed to get to their car.

“It was a horrifying and frightening experience,” she said.


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