Revellers at Chester’s Cruise nightclub took on the Mannequin Challenge which is the latest viral Internet trend... but for the less cool among us is better known as musical statues.

The phenomenon involves people freezing like mannequins while a video is recorded which is then broadcast on social media platforms.

And students at the Cruise ‘Quids In’ night got in on action on Monday evening (November 14) in a video that has had 9,100 views and counting on the St John Street venue’s Facebook page.

The video shows a mocked up scene on the middle floor, called Svenska, that portrays a typical night out for those of a certain age.

One girl is frozen in time blowing a kiss, others are throwing shapes – which they then have to hold – another woman is necking a beer, a doorman is tapping somebody on the shoulder, a photographer is in mid snap and there are even two women apparently kissing on dance floor.

One animated young woman is ‘on pause’ sticking her tongue out, there are revellers ‘dancing’ on shoulders, a pyrotechnic display is going on in the VIP section and general manager Lenny Cunningham is even involved, looking so cool he has apparently frozen to the spot.

Then just when you thought the needle is permanently stuck on the record - what, they have CDs nowadays? – the music pumps into action once again and the partying continues into the night as though nothing had happened.

Cruise manager Lenny Cunningham taking on the Mannequin Challenge on Monday night.

The Mannequin Challenge is sweeping the globe. And on Tuesday night the England football team joined in with the fun.

When Jamie Vardy scored against Spain at Wembley, he immediately ran off to celebrate by doing the whole Mannequin thing with Raheem Sterling and Theo Walcott. The celebrations were short-lived, however, because Spain pulled back a 2-0 deficit for a 2-2 draw.

Revellers at Cruise nightclub took on the Mannequin Challenge on Monday night.