SHOPPERS in the city centre are being asked to think secure this Christmas.

As Chester’s streets get busier police asking people to be aware of pick-pockets and thieves.

Inspector Mel Williams of Chester Inner Neighbourhood Policing Unit said: “With the city centre particularly busy with shoppers getting ready for Christmas please take a few moments to think about the security of your purses and wallets. Large crowds do attract thieves into the city and by taking simple and effective measures to protect your own possessions should ensure you have a theft free shopping trip.

“Ensure bags are properly secured and valuable items not left on display, please be aware of where your bags and valuables are when you stop for a cup of tea and can’t be taken when you are distracted.

“We will be supplying extra patrols at this time of year specifically targeting purse and bag thieves and would ask everyone to be vigilant at this time of year.”

Police are also asking homeowners to be make sure all doors and windows are locked and to leave a light on or radio if possible if you are going out.

To contact Cheshire Police, Chester, ring 0845 458 6384 or email