Waitrose has reviewed an advertising campaign offering discounts on BBQ and grill products, following the Grenfell Tower fire.

The UK-wide supermarket retailer's summer campaign had originally intended to advertise '20% off BBQ and grill' products on a number of posters, banners and the cover of the shop's monthly magazine, but the literature that has been produced makes no mention of BBQ and grill.

The Chronicle understands that the new slogan simply says '20% off'.

We contacted Waitrose - which has a flagship store on Boughton in Chester - for a comment and a spokesperson confirmed 'some direct marketing and customer communications were reviewed', but were keen to stress this was not because they had received any complaints.

The spokesperson, who said the decision was made ahead of any customer feedback, said: "We chose to review some of our marketing activity last week in the wake of the tragic tower block fire in West London. Our thoughts are with those affected."