TARPORLEY Royal British Legion Club was saved from closure after members stepped up to the mark and took on vital officer positions.

In December, club members feared it would close as nobody would take on the role of chairman and treasurer in the committee.

At a crisis AGM meeting on Tuesday volunteers would have to take on these roles or the club would be forced to close. Letters were sent out to all members encouraging them to attend the meeting and volunteer their services to save the club.

Luckily the letters worked as club members turned up to take on both officer and committee member roles.

Dave Foden, of Forest Road, Cotebrook, volunteered to take over as chairman and the existing treasurer agreed to continue.

Mr Foden, 66, who has been a member of the club for three years, is a regular at the club’s country and western nights. He said he could not see the club disappear.

“I had a long chat with the former chairman, Bill Cross, about the club, and thought I would volunteer if there were no other volunteers.

“I have enjoyed using the club and have been on committees and such like before so know how these things work.

“At the meeting I had a good chat with some of the members about the club and what we would like to do. We will now just see what ideas come up at our first meeting to get the club back on track.”

Former chairman Mr Cross said: “I am very pleased. We not only have the officers, we now have a full committee and are legal again.”

Club secretary Mike Bourne said: “I would just like to thank every member who turned up to the meeting on Tuesday and those in the village who supported us, especially those who volunteered for the positions.”