FOURTEEN vehicles, 30 bicycles, 700 tyres and 30 bus or coach seats have been cleared out of a village garden as part of a major clean-up operation.

The semi-detached property at 1 Abbeydale Cottages, Hoofield Lane in Huxley, has not been lived in for some time.

Cheshire West and Chester Council has employed contractors to clear the gardens and will send all costs, including the contractor’s bill, to the property’s owner.

Engines, mechanical parts and electrical items have been discovered among tons of rubbish which were covered by undergrowth.

Two conifers have been removed which were blocking light from the next door property.

The vehicles found on site were four Sherpa Vans, two Morris Minors, a Ford Transit Van, a Hillman Hunter, one caravan, one horsebox, three small trailers and a Ford Anglia.

The haul which has been removed included jerrycans, some filled with fuel, propane and oxygen cylinders and welding equipment.

Contractors have so far managed to clear half of the land and one vehicle was so rusted that it disintegrated as a crane tried to remove it.

Ward Cllr Mike Jones, leader of Cheshire West and Chester Council, said: “The council has been forced to take such action because the gardens were so untidy, overgrown and impacting in an unreasonable way on neighbours.

“Planning enforcement is always a last resort and clearing work began last Monday (September 3) and may take until the end of this week.

“The costs for the work at this semi-detached cottage will be passed on to the home owner who has not lived at the property for some considerable time.

“The overgrown trees have been carefully removed so they could be planted in another location and much has been removed for scrap and reclaimed where ever possible in a sustainable way.”