Police in Ellesmere Port are looking for the 'mindless' vandals who left broken glass and potentially fatal gas in a children's park.

The glass, which is believed to have been left on the children's slide in Whitby Park on Saturday night (June 10), was fortunately discovered by visitors to the park the following morning, before any young children used it.

Police also found a large number of GSS nitrous oxide canisters discarded on a car park next to the playground.

'Mindless vandalism'

Sergeant Martin Campbell from Ellesmere Port Police said: “To leave broken glass on a children’s slide is simply mindless vandalism, which could have endangered young children who visit this park on a daily basis.

“Thankfully, in this case the glass was discovered before any harm was caused to any children using the facilities.”

Broken glass was left by vandals on a children's slide

“Nitrous Oxide, or GSS Gas as it is more commonly known, is a dangerous substance which can have serious health implications.

“Not only can the substance make you dizzy and affect your judgement, but it can also cause you to lose consciousness, which in some cases can lead to death," he said.

“I urge anyone with any information in relation to the incidents at Whitby Park to contact the team here at Ellesmere Port on 101 so that we can trace the people responsible.”