Students at Upton-by-Chester High School are raising funds for charity this week, February 10-14.

The youngsters chose to raise funds for North West Cancer Research after suggestions from sixth formers.

Events began on Monday, February 10, with sixth formers going to school in onesies and with bed hair. During the week bakers will also go head to head with teachers in The Great Upton Bake Off with the hope of getting their hands on a trophy.

A highly anticipated students vs staff football match took place with the students winning 2-1 as well as Sponge the Teacher, a real favourite with students.

Sixth former Juliet McQueen, a member of the charity committee said: "Sponges and even buckets of cold water will be available to throw at the brave teachers taking part. Last year, there was snow on the ground during this event, so we are hoping that that won't be the case this year!"

Staff will also be in fine voice for the Teacher Karaoke and rumour has it that there will be an Elton John duet from the science department.


Cake sales will be going on every day, as well as a Penny Saver competition. Forms will compete by filling two-litre bottles with as much money from small change as they can.

On Wednesday evening, a showcase event, 'Let's Dance for North West Cancer Research' will take place. From ABBA and River Dance to The Time Warp, all dancers will be competing for the coveted 'Let's Dance' trophy. This event is open to the public and starts at 7pm on Wednesday, February 12. Tickets are £4.

Juliet added: "We are also planning a Sale of Promises and would be grateful for any donations. If you wish to pledge anything as a donation to our cause, please email"

The charity week ends on a high, with all members of the sixth form coming in fancy dress.

For more information on the students' selected charity, visit

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