A Chester high school is accelerating its roll-out programme to get students using iPad Minis as part of the learning experience.

In 2013 Year 7 pupils at Upton-by-Chester High School began using the tablets with a  plan for each new intake to do the  same so that eventually the whole  school would be kitted out.

Now the school is speeding up the process by suggesting Year 9 students  would also benefit from iPads meaning the first three years would then  be equipped.

Deputy headteacher John Keegan  said: “It has been a very successful  year and they are being used really well by staff and students. We decided  to roll them out to Year 9 due to  requests from students and parents.”

Upton-by-Chester High School are offering their iPad scheme to Year 9 pupils

The school is running the project with the E-learning Foundation  charity.

Families donate what they can afford each month towards the £400  cost – usually about £10 – and after three years the machine is theirs.

The cost includes insurance for faults and accidents.

This way the parents get a good deal and the school receives Gift Aid which can be ploughed back into the scheme.

Some parents who have already bought iPads for their children were  concerned their machines may not be accepted into the scheme because  the school has previously said it  wanted to have full control over viewable content.

The school iPads are linked to a  server that filters out gambling and  pornographic sites as well as Facebook, although Twitter is allowed.  Games can be downloaded but these  can only be played at home.

But Mr Keegan explained: “We are  allowing students to bring their own  device in as long as the parents agree to have a profile put on it which will  allow the same security protection as  the iPads in the scheme. Technology  moves on fast!

“They also have to provide their own insurance and buy any apps which the school sends out to those in  the scheme.”