THE University of Chester has finalised an agreement to work with a Georgian university for a further five years following a successful partnership.

The Memorandum of Understanding was signed by Caucasus University and the University of Chester.

The professional relationship between the two universities started several years ago with a focus on the exchange and dual degree programmes in business and law.

The Memorandum covers student exchange and dual degree programmes as well as staff exchanges, collaboration in research and the exchange of scientific materials.

It was signed between Professor Chris Pyke, associate dean and head of Chester Business School at the University of Chester and Kakha Shengelia, President of Caucasus University.

There are currently around 30 students from Georgia at Chester – some are exchange students who are studying for one semester in Chester and others who spend three years at Caucasus and complete their fourth year at Chester and two awards, one from each institution.

Tinatin Gugberidze, director of marketing and public relations at Caucasus University, said: “One of the main priorities of Caucasus University is our international relations, namely our exchange and dual degree programmes with leading universities worldwide.

“The British educational system is well known all over the world for the high quality of education. We are happy that our students have the opportunity to study at Chester.”

Professor Pyke said: “Caucasus University is our first partner in Georgia and we are very happy to collaborate with them as it’s very Western orientated and advanced in terms of higher education.

“Also, our programmes are perfectly correspondent to each other, which makes our relationship very straight-forward. The management team are highly professional and it’s a great pleasure to work with them.

“The Georgian students enrich the class situation and contribute to the international environment of the university.”