Preparations are well under way for the 2016 University of Chester Art and Design Graduation Show.

This is the annual career launch event for new artists designers and photographers at the university to mark the end of three years of study in their chosen disciplines.

Professor Neil Grant, head of art and design, said: “A particular feature of the experience at Chester is the facility for students to combine courses providing unique interdisciplinary outcomes across fine art, photography, graphic design and in some cases journalism and education.

“The graduation exhibition is regarded as a key event in presenting the enthusiasm, drive and talent being nurtured in the art and design department and a fantastic opportunity for the public see the potential available.

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“The students and staff are keen to contribute to cultural development locally, nationally and internationally. Therefore, the exhibition is an opportunity to experience the product of three years of imaginative work and speculate on the contribution these graduates can make to enriching our lives.

“The University of Chester has a growing reputation for the employability of its graduates and the impact they can make to the cultural and economic development of the region. The ethos of the department is that the study of art and design is a culturally and economically significant pursuit, that is intellectually challenging and emotionally rewarding.

“The disciplines studied within the department foster freedom of expression and the development of innovative ideas into objects and experiences. We particularly encourage experiment and generating creative surprise. We aspire to be creative, unconventional and professional.

“I am confident that these aspirations are evident in the work and attitude of the students represented in the exhibition and this catalogue. It shows the great potential and creativity of the students that I’m sure will be recognized and appreciated.”

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One of the students taking part in the show is Emma Griffiths, who said: “As a fine art and graphic design student, it has come to the most important time of year where we show off what we have worked so hard on for the past eight months in our final year.

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“We hope to captivate the attention of the general public and invite them to this fantastic event with family and friends where students have shown their passionate attitude in their work. The catalogue shows the great potential and creativity of the students that I’m sure will be recognised and appreciated.”

The show runs from June 16-22 at the Kingsway Campus Buildings and is open from 10am-4pm daily. There will be a special opening night event on Thursday, June 16 from 6-9pm.