It's well known that students love spending time in bed but a new league table suggests Chester scholars are rather more active than previously thought. 

The University Sex League 2014 tells us Chester students are ranked second most amorous in the whole country, with an average 9.94 sexual partners each since starting uni, pipped to the post by the University of Brighton with an average 10.29 partners. Liverpool Hope University took third place with an average 9.57 partners.

While Brighton can claim the sea air may have something to do with the frisky extra-curricular activities, the reasons for Chester’s randy behaviour is unclear.

Perhaps it is something in the drinking water from the Dee or the romantic setting of Rosie’s and Cruise nightclubs amid the City Walls, the cobbled streets and mock Tudor buildings. The explanation could make a potential topic for a final year dissertation.

Freddie Woodward, 20, a second year geography student, said: “My housemate has slept with 22 separate girls. He’s just a bit of a pest really. He never gives in and is just quite lucky, I guess.”

Freddie’s girlfriend Francesca Bateman, 20, who is studying events management, is dubious about the accuracy of the survey. “I don’t think Chester is that promiscuous and I don’t know anybody who knows anybody that was asked,” she commented.

Couple Freddie Woodward and Francesca Bateman, both students at the University of Chester, passed comment on the University Sex League Table

Since last year, Chester has risen up the rankings in the survey, by popular website StudentBeans, when it came in at 13th. Paul, a third year geography student at Chester, said at the time: “Here’s me bringing down the Chester average. Not surprised we’re 13th though.”

Students at Bath Spa may be concentrating on studying rather than bedroom antics which could explain their last place with just 2.57 partners.

And after Oxford’s disappointment at being beaten by Cambridge once again in the Complete University Guide last week, it can at least console itself at coming in 23rd place with 5.89 partners to Cambridge’s 54th, trailing at just 4.70 partners.

The survey was topped by Roehampton University last year, but it has slipped to 17th place with 6.3 average partners this year.

A spokesman for the University of Chester said: “Given the well documented tendency for exaggeration when it comes to this particular subject, the accuracy of the data in this survey is more than a little dubious!

“That said, both the University of Chester and Chester Students’ Union take the health and welfare of their students incredibly seriously, and regularly deliver campaigns to promote the importance of safe sex and personal safety. Students are reminded that information and help for matters relating to sexual health or personal safety are available, should they ever need support.”