Travellers have moved on from a Chester supermarket car park.

Four caravans and associated vehicles had been parked up in a corner of Morrisons car park at Bache in Upton after arriving on Monday, January 2.

The car park is operated by Euro Car Parks on behalf of Morrisons who issued notices advising the visitors they were on private land and must leave.

There was no sign of caravans on Saturday (January 7) morning although it is unclear exactly when they left as Morrisons no longer wishes to comment.

Store manager Karl Andersson previously told The Chronicle Cheshire Police had regarded the issue as a civil matter and would not get involved unless there were allegations of criminality.

Mr Andersson said the only real problem had been the ‘mess’ left in that corner of the car park.

This is the second time in a matter of weeks that Travellers have descended on the same area of land.