Travellers have once again descended on a supermarket car park in Chester.

Four caravans have pitched up in a corner of Morrisons car park at Bache in Upton , close to the railway line.

They are believed to have arrived on Monday (January 2).

The car park is operated by Euro Car Parks.

A small group of travellers made their home on the same section of car park in November. The group moved on but then returned after being shifted first from Bumpers Lane on Sealand Industrial Estate and then nearby Sovereign Way.

Morrisons supermarket at the Bache

This was after Cheshire West and Chester Council issued a Section 77 notice requesting the travellers leave Sovereign Way by 3pm on November 23.

Morrisons also issued an eviction notice but travellers in two caravans remained after the legal order had expired.

Morrisons store manager Karl Andersson said at the time: “The situation is being dealt with by the bailiffs.

“The police were involved but it is no longer a police matter as they are on private land.

“We have issued them with a notice to move but the notice has now expired.”

The duty store manager was in a meeting and unavailable when The Chronicle called in at the supermarket earlier today (Wednesday, January 4).