AN OAK framed shelter was proposed on a village green.

The application was made by Chester Renaissance on the green at Chester Road, Aldford.

The village green, which consists of a playing field and informal green space, extends to three hectares according to a report.

It is surrounded by residential dwellings, an estate yard, a bowling green and a pub.

The village is part of the Grosvenor Estate and is designated as a conservation area.

The three bay shelter with a thatched roof would replace a pergola.

It would have open sides and a chimney.

The building would be used by the community as a shelter and as a focal point for outdoor events on the green, the report stated.

No objections were raised by parish councillors after revised plans had been submitted.

The application was supported by the village hall management committee.

Planners described the shelter as ‘small scale’ and said it would be managed by the village hall committee and by the Grosvenor Estate which would undertake long-term maintenance.

It would form part of a heritage skills initiative which aimed to create opportunities for trainees in traditional skills.

They would carry out the carpentry work involved and build the chimney.

Conservation specialists did not object although they felt a building from an earlier period seemed slightly out of keeping.

Planners suggested there should be a management plan to control bookings and the potential for noise and disturbance.

The application was recommended for approval as the shelter would preserve the character and appearance of the conservation area and would not have a detrimental effect on residential amenity.

The borough council agreed the shelter could have permission.