TOYOTA Manufacturing (UK) are helping to keep the wheels rolling on some of the region’s vital conservation projects with a £500 cheque support of the Cheshire Wildlife Trust.

The company is one of dozens across the region who back the local charity as ‘corporate supporters’ providing critical funds along with the trust’s thousands of individual members.

The Cheshire Wildlife Trust is currently working to secure a Living Landscape in the region in the Gowy & Mersey Washlands – an area of hundreds of hectares where communities and landowners work together to create vital links in valuable wildlife habitats across the countryside.

The charity is also closely assessing proposals for a tidal energy scheme on the Mersey, which it is believed could have a significant impact on the internationally-important bird populations there.

Sarah Jones, director of development at the trust, said: “We can only work hard for wildlife with the support of our members; whether that’s someone sending us a few pounds each month, or the generous annual donations of local businesses such as Toyota Manufacturing.

“Next year we celebrate our 50th anniversary, and the support of local businesses and communities will be crucial so that we can ensure the region is rich in wildlife for the next 50 years.”

Graham Hillier, manager general affairs, Toyota Engine Plant, handing over the cheque said: “Toyota are constantly seeking ways to support the communities around our plants and our partnership with Cheshire Wildlife Trust meets many of our aims in this respect, so we look forward to working with the them in the coming year.”

You can find out more about the Cheshire Wildlife Trust and how to support their work at