Motorists returning home from work on the M56 motorway near Chester face misery because traffic on the eastbound carriageway is currently at a standstill due to three separate collisions.

The Highways Agency says the main collision happened about 4.12pm (Thursday, February 20) close to the Hapsford services slip road but with no serious injuries. According to Cheshire Fire Service, four cars were involved and eight people, but nobody was trapped.

Two minor bumps are believed to have occurred in the same area a few minutes later but again with no serious injuries.

However, North West Ambulance Service is believed to be in attendance.

The latest tweet from the North West Motorway Police states: “There are three individual RTCs M56 E/B J14-J12 Hapsford to Clifton. Due to this, the M56 E/B is currently closed at this location.”

Police are asking motorists to consider an alternative route due to the likely delays.