SHOW-GOERS hoping for a pint or a glass of bubbly on the first day of the Cheshire Show were bitterly disappointed as most bars did not have a licence to sell alcohol.

Neville Simmons Associates (NSA), one of the UK’s largest mobile bar suppliers, did not apply for the licence in time, leaving the barmen at all seven bars to explain the ‘embarrassing’ mistake to thirsty punters.

Alcohol vendors must apply 10 days in advance of a show for a temporary events licence from the council.

A spokesman for Cheshire East Council said: “It was a really unfortunate situation.

“But that is the law and they did not get their application in on time.”

A NSA spokesman said: “It was highly frustrating for us. There was a breakdown in communication. We thought it was going to be a premises licence covering the whole event.

“We literally realised on the 10th working day that we needed the temporary events licence.

“For this to happen is highly embarrassing and very costly.”

However, the Cheshire Agricultural Society did apply for the licence on time so the wine and beer was flowing at the stalls inside their tents.

NSA’s loss was the local producers’ gain, according to chief steward of the food tents, Karol Bailey.

She said: “They are really quite happy about it, they are doing extra trade.

“Whereas people would normally come to their stalls and have tastings, they are now buying wine by the glass. And then, because it’s so good, they’ll buy another glass and another one.”

NSA did have the correct licence for the second day and was able to trade as normal.