A menacing motel you may never be able to check out of and searching for spoils in a dangerous Wild West saloon with a sheriff hot on your tail – these are the adrenaline-pumping experiences on offer at Chester’s newest escape room.

Formerly the home of the city’s only lap-dancing club The Platinum Lounge, the Bridge Street Row premises will now house Breakout Chester which opens to the public on Friday (November 11).

As per the traditional format, players will have 60 minutes to bust out of their room by solving puzzles and cracking codes.

Company directors and brothers Dave and Mike Blackwell

But how would company director Mike Blackwell explain Breakout's concept to a would-be punter?

“It’s a cross between the Crystal Maze, Fort Boyard, the Saw movie series, Prison Break, The Cube, The Mole, The Amazing Race and The Great Escape.

“Each of our rooms are realistically themed so customers become fully immersed.”

The attraction has two rooms – Vacancy and Wanted – so far but there's room for seven more, some of which will be exclusive to Chester.

Mike thinks the inclusive nature of the game can be thanked for its booming industry and welcomes the variety that Breakout, Escapism and RoomsQuest will offer people.

“People want to experience an activity that lets them forget about every day life,” he said.

“It can also be played by anyone and is a great activity for groups of friends, families, stags and hens or team-building.

“I think it’s great that there are two other escape rooms already in the city as people who enjoy the escape rooms can try all of them out.

“Over 250,000 have played our games in other locations so we’d like to think our rooms are of a very good standard and have puzzles in them which are unique to Breakout.”