Father Christmas has only just hung up his sack yet the Easter bunny is already doing his rounds delivering chocolate eggs to at least one Chester supermarket.

There’s not much hope for people trying to lose weight after the festive binge as Easter-themed treats are already being marketed a whole three months before Easter Sunday on April 16.

Tesco on Sealand Road is displaying a wide range of eggs featuring well known brands such as Maltesers, Milky Bar, Terry’s Chocolate Orange, Smarties and Creme Egg as well as chocolate bunnies made by Lindt and Cadbury’s.

Tesco on Sealand Road, Chester.

Although to be fair, there is no sign of the eggs at Tesco in the city centre at the moment or other Chester retailers like Morrisons and Asda.

Tesco said in a statement: “In response to demand from customers who like to buy them early, we are offering a limited range of Easter chocolates in selected stores. Our full range does not go into our stores until later in the year.”

One anonymous shopper at the Tesco store said: “Members of my family work in the supermarket trade and most supermarkets feel it’s too early to be having stuff out when they haven't moved the Christmas stock. The suppliers want their products out there first. They want to be in your face and buying it. But who would buy it three or four months early?”

One theory put forward by the customer was that the manufacturers are hoping people will be tempted to eat their Easter treats now so they have to buy more later.

Paul Foot, 22, of Gladstone Road, Chester, says early Easter promotions won't alter his buying habits.

Paul Foot, 22, of Gladstone Road, Chester, said all the marketing in the world won’t alter his buying habits.

Paul, who works for M & S Bank on Chester Business Park, explained: “I usually leave it until the last minute before I get mine so I guess I don’t notice them on the shelves really. I suppose you get a few people who like to get stuff sorted pretty early on. There is a market there for it, I suppose, but it seems to be getting earlier and earlier.”