A WOMAN who started her job on a temporary contract is celebrating 25 years service with Muir Group Housing Association.

When Elaine Roscoe started working for Muir in 1986, Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister and Amazulu and Sinitta were topping the charts.

Twenty-five years later they are all long gone but Elaine is still working for the Chester-based association, although she has moved from a temp in the finance department to the head of HR.

“There are such good opportunities to grow my career that I just never left,” said Elaine.

“I have a great team, everyone is so supportive. Every day is a challenge and I’m learning something new.”

Elaine, 55, from Chester, worked in the finance department at the Ford Motor Company before moving to Muir, where she worked in a similar role for several years.

After starting a family, the mother-of-two switched to a part-time HR role and over 18 years has worked her way up to the head of the department.

With Muir’s support, Elaine has earned a Masters in Human Resource Management and a professional qualification from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

“When I joined the association there was no IT department and I came on board to help computerise the accounting and housing management systems,” said Elaine.

“Over the years I have seen the staff grow from around 30 to 180. We didn’t have any supported housing projects when I started – we now have six and manage 4,700 properties across the country.

“Our systems and procedures have grown more sophisticated but the company has still retained its personal and friendly atmosphere, which is a big part in why we regularly make it into the Sunday Times Top 100 Best Companies list and why I have stayed so long.”

In recognition of her 25 years service she was given a necklace and champagne from Muir and celebrated by having a special lunch with her colleagues.

John Bellis, chief executive of Muir Group Housing Association, said: “Elaine’s loyalty and dedication to her job over the years is really commendable and I am proud that we have staff who feel so passionate about what they do, working for us.”