TWO teenage politicians will face a barrage of questions when they take part in a Question Time-style debate in Upton tomorrow.

Socialist Alec Price and conservative Charlie Howell will debate the reasons for deploying British troops in overseas conflicts.

The event has been organised by the Chester Debating Society and will be open to the public.

A 15-minute presentation from both speakers will be followed by an opportunity for the audience to add their views.

Chester Debating Society spokesman

Blair Smillie said: “This subject is a hot topic right now and affects all British citizens in one way or another.

“We owe it to these young speakers who have an interest in politics to take some time out and support them. “When our soldiers are being killed in foreign lands and the costs both in lives and finances affects us all, we have a responsibility to understand the arguments in both sides.

“At the end of the evening I am sure everyone will at least learn something – and that is the importance of live debating.”

The Question Time Debate is at 7pm tomorrow (Tuesday, June 28) at Upton Village Hall, Heath Road, Upton.