A German woman called a national radio station in floods of tears revealing how she has had dog excrement thrown at her door and been told to leave her adopted city of Chester in the wake of the Brexit vote.

Karen tearfully admitted live on air during James O’Brien’s show on LBC that she is ‘so frightened’ following a string of xenophobic attacks she has experienced since Britain’s historic vote to leave the European Union last week.

She explained she moved to Britain 43 years ago and lives in a ‘middle-class’ area of Chester but has not left her home in three days because she does not know what she’ll be subjected to next.

“Friends have said they cannot be friends with me any more,” Karen – whose surname was not released on air – said.

“My neighbours told me they don’t want me living in this road.

“My friend’s grandson got beaten up because he had a foreign grandmother.

“I’m so scared, I don’t know what’s going to happen next.”

Karen’s call came during a discussion about the reported increase in race-related hate crimes since Brexit.

Host James and guest Simon Woolley, who said he was heartbroken by the call, from Operation Black Vote tried to reassure Karen that she is not alone.

James told her: "The huge majority of people in this country, however they voted on Thursday, are alongside you, they are with you."

A spokeswoman for Cheshire Constabulary told The Chronicle: “We have not received a report in relation to this but we are making enquiries to establish the identity of the victim so that we can progress with our enquiries.”

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