A Tarvin dairy farm fed up of being at the end of the retail chain is now selling directly to the consumer thanks to a vending machine with a difference.

Joanna and David Lomas have proudly milked their herd of pedigree Holstein cows and purebred Jerseys at Street Farm off Kelsall Road for the past 32 years.

But they say they that the current set-up of the dairy industry means they have ‘no say or control’ over the prices they receive for their milk.

So the couple has taken the bold step of installing a Milkbot machine on their land, where customers can purchase their unpasteurised Fresh Raw Milk straight from the source, as a side-business.

Customers can pay for their milk by cash or card

Joanna explained: “Being the last in the chain means we are at the mercy of all the others and as such receive a poor return which we have no control over.

“Over the last few years we have been paid below the cost of production, so have taken the momentous decision to take some control and sell direct to the consumer.

“We hope this venture will provide an income that will allow us to invest and offer us a sustainable future for this farm.”

The Milkbot keeps the milk cool and customers can dispense the amount they want into bottles provided, which are included in the £1.30 per litre charge.

Street Farm has a herd of almost 200 Holstein cattle and a number of Jerseys

Fresh Raw Milk is billed as ‘the nearest thing to a complete food’, and Joanna believes there’s a market for natural, local products in the area.

“There appears to be a real interest in knowing where our food comes from, and a trend to move away from processed food and a move to more wholesome, full of natural flavour foods,” she said.

“Our milk has a rich, full-bodied, clean taste, full of flavour, full of natural goodness, nothing added and nothing taken out, just as nature intended.”

Street Farm Dairy is inviting members of the public to enjoy an introductory taste of Fresh Raw Milk at their open day on Saturday (November 19).

The vending machine will be open seven days a week from 7am to 7pm.

For more information, visit the Street Farm Dairy Tarvin page on Facebook.