PROPOSALS to add a conservatory to a swimming pool near the A51 would be unacceptable, planners believed.

The issue arose at Meadow Bank Farm, Duddon, where the extension to the detached pool building was put forward by Ray Basford.

The site was previously occupied by a vacant dwelling and outbuildings, according to a report.

The property has been demolished and work completed on a replacement which had permission in 2005.

This has been extended and two outbuildings have been converted into a garage and storage and the pool.

The rear of the property, enclosed by a 2m high brick wall, can be seen from the Tarporley road, the Headless Woman pub and car park and a bus stop.

Planners argue the brick wall is the boundary of the domestic property although the site is claimed to run up to the A51.

The conservatory would extend beyond the brick wall and would be an urban feature in the rural surroundings, they believe.

It would be readily visible and would domesticate the appearance of the pool building.

Recommending the plans should be rejected, planning officers felt the conservatory would be unduly prominent and would be at odds with the property.

It would also be detrimental to the rural character of the area.

The council agreed permission should be withheld.