Superb students at Sir John Deane’s Sixth Form College have triumphed in a national competition exploring the future of medical science.

The Northwich college dominated 16 of the 25 winners spots for the entire country.

It asked them to try to predict the future of research in the medical field.

Sir John Deane’s head of biology Julie Stephens said: “We are absolutely delighted that so many of our students secured winning places in such a prestigious competition.

“The winner’s conference will be a great opportunity for our students to learn more about medical science from some of the world’s leading researchers and I’m sure will inspire many of them to follow in their footsteps.”

The competition was organised by the National Student Association for Medical Research (NSAMR) and the Manchester Medical Research Student Society.

Students were asked to express how they think medical research will be carried out in the future and what mysteries will be uncovered, either submitting their thoughts in the form of an essay, poem or piece of artwork.

Students Alex Smith, Alison Hutchinson, Amelia Whitehead, Emily Heatley, Enya Fitton, Eve Harrison, Gemma Petty, Hera Westwood, Julia Ferran, Lucy Collins, Luke Oakes, Olivia Rudgley, Rachel Minnis, Shuhro Mahmud, all achieved top spots after submitting their essays to the competitions, while Humaira Aslam submitted a poem and Samantha Platt, a piece of artwork.

All the winners will now attend the NSAMR national undergraduate medical research conference on Saturday, February 11 at the University of Manchester.

There they will have the chance to meet renowned researchers and up-and-coming medical students from across the UK.

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