A BRIDE-to-be shed tears of joy when her boyfriend popped the question in public.

Victoria Reeves, 34, was at Chester Amphitheatre for a screening of the epic film Gladiator when her chat with friends was interrupted by an announcement.

“They asked us all to look at the screen and when I saw my name up there I was shocked.”

Victoria’s soldier boyfriend Frazer Mataitonga had arranged for the words: “I love you so much Victoria Reeves” to be screened, followed by “Will you marry me?”

Victoria added: “I turned around and Frazer was down on one knee with a ring in his hand.”

“I burst into tears, of joy of course, and said yes.

“I couldn’t concentrate on the film though and couldn’t tell you what it was about!”

Victoria, who works for the NHS, and Frazer, a soldier in the 1st Mercian regiment, met two years ago in Chester, when he was here for an inter-army rugby match.

They started living together, in Westminster Park, last October following Frazer’s eventful seven-month tour of Afghanistan.

“He was involved in an IED (improvised explosive device) explosion in July so was sent home injured,” said Victoria.

“When he went back he got shot. I am so relieved to have him back in one piece.”The couple are expecting their first baby son on July 26 and plan to marry next year.

It was a triumphant end to the season of outdoor cinema screenings at the Amphitheatre which have been one of the highlights of this year’s MBNA Chestival.

The events continue this weekend when the Chester Summer Music Festival gets under way tomorrow.

You can find a preview of the festival and a full list of concerts in The Guide, starting on page 41.