Snugburys honour demise of Peter Rabbit with free ice cream

Get your free extra scoop by visiting the Nantwich ice cream store today

A firefighter tackles the blaze at the 40 ft Peter Rabbit straw sculpture at Snugburys near Nantwich on Thursday night

The team at Snugburys Ice Cream will be offering a free extra scoop of ice cream on all cones bought today, in honour of their Peter Rabbit sculpture, which was destroyed by fire last night.

Sadness at the demise of the 40ft sculpture of the well-loved Beatrix Potter character has been expressed over social media last night and this morning, prompting the team to make their offer.

Investigation after Snugburys' Peter Rabbit destroyed by fire

The sculpture of Peter Rabbit at Snugburys before and after the blaze(Image: Dale Miles and Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service)

Cheshire Fire and Rescue are investigating the cause of the fire but a tweet put out by @Snugburys at 11.05 this morning suggests that he was set alight by arsonists.

The tweet reads: "We are very sad to confirm Peter was set-alight last night by an arsonist at 5.30pm. In celebration of our lovely Peter Rabbit we will be giving away an extra scoop on all cones bought today! Thank you all - we are truly overwhelmed by all the support from everyone far and wide in last few hours. It's wonderful to see that Peter Rabbit was loved by so many. We certainly won't let this stop us! #OnWardsAndUpwards."

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