Four sixth-formers from Queen’s Park High School have taken to the skies to raise funds for WaterAid.

Thrill seekers Adem Yilmaz, Steven Sheekey, Milan Matthews and Tom McDermott did a tandem skydive to raise cash for the charity.

The boys travelled to Black Knights Parachute Centre in Lancaster to complete their massive 15,000 ft jumps.

Grosvenor House captain Adem jumped first, saying he “could see as far as Blackpool Tower and even the Isle of Man!”

Flying high for WaterAid

While Tom and Adem have tried bungee jumping before, this was the first time for Steven and Milan to experience such dramatic heights.

They also experienced absolutely freezing temperatures of -15 degrees and could see their breath in the air.

After what could have been a very tricky situation with the line twisting nine times and the emergency chute on standby, they landed safely and have already beaten their target by raising more than £500 for the charity.