A SHOPLIFTER who gave a false name to avoid prison - twice - has been jailed for four months.

Susan Anne Allen, 39, from Halewood, Liverpool was caught pushing a trolley outside TK Maxx in Cheshire Oaks with £270 worth of clothes and cosmetics hidden under goods she had purchased on November 1 last year.

She first gave police the false name ‘Elizabeth Smullen’ and an invented date of birth when interviewed under caution for stealing from Marks & Spencer in Warrington last July, .

Her actions only aroused suspicion when, bailed under that name and a false address, she failed to surrender to custody.

At Chester Crown Court on Monday, she admitted two counts of perverting the course of justice and one of theft, from TK Maxx.

Prosecutor Peter Hussey told the court that Allen had lied about her name in the mistaken belief that, on licence for

being concerned in the supply of cocaine for which she was jailed for 207 weeks in August 2006, she would be returned to prison for 10 months.

With no record under her given name, she was offered a caution when caught with £700 worth of stolen goods in Warrington.

Judge Stephen Clarke sentenced her to four months in prison for each offence, to run concurrent.