More than 20 people were caught drink driving across Cheshire in the first weekend of December.

Cheshire Police have launched a clampdown on people getting behind the wheel while under the influence over the festive period.

Shockingly there were 23 arrests for drink driving and 17 for drug driving in the county in the first weekend of the month.

Roads Policing Unit inspector Steve Griffiths said: “I understand Christmas is a time to celebrate and have fun; however that does not mean it is acceptable to drive under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.

“Doing so slows your reaction time, meaning that you are more likely to be involved in a collision.

“Both are unacceptable, and in my opinion there is simply no excuse for putting the lives of innocent road users at risks.”

Anyone who is caught driving under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs will be banned from driving, receive a large fine and could even face a prison sentence.

There were 21 drink or drug drivers caught in Chester during December 2015.

Cheshire Police hope those figures will be lower this year.

Inspector Griffiths said: “It’s not just about driving home following a night out with friends, it’s also important that everyone thinks about the morning after.

“Alcohol and illegal drugs affect everyone in different ways and just because you’ve had a couple of hours’ sleep it doesn’t mean that you’re in a fit state to drive.

“My advice is simple, if you are driving then don’t drink any alcohol and don’t take drugs. It could be the difference between life and death.”

A total of 151 have been caught drink driving in Cheshire since the force’s operation began on December 1.

Cheshire police and crime commissioner David Keane said: “Everyone needs to remember that there is no safe drink drive limit, just one drink could take you over the limit.

“Everybody is different, and although you may feel that you are safe to drive, even a small amount of alcohol can affect your driving.”

Anyone who suspects a driver is driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is urged to contact Cheshire Police on 101.