This shocking map shows just how dangerous the M56 has become.

It feels as if crashes on the stretch of motorway between Runcorn and Chester/Ellesmere Port have become almost a daily occurrence.

The chart shows the spot of each accident and, as you can see, it is littered with markers. This is for 2014 alone.

Improving safety between junctions 12 and 15 has been highlighted by MPs as the stretch of M56 only becomes busier.

The accident data is publicly available on, which uses official figures from incidents reported to the police.

Cheshire West MPs Graham Evans, Chris Matheson and Justin Madders have all backed the campaign for a ‘smart motorway’ system to be introduced.

Stationary traffic on the M56

They also each signed a ‘Sick of the M56’ petition calling on the Government to act.

'Serious concerns'

Mr Evans previously said: “I have serious concerns about the stretch of motorway from junctions 12 to 14 of the M56.

“Accidents are happening too often on this road and there is very little technology alerting drivers to potential hazards ahead.

“What I am looking for is major investment across the particular area for a long-term solution.”

Map showing all crashes reported to the police near J14 on the M56 from 2012-2014

The Government has said there will be no smart motorway upgrade before the next Roads Investment Strategy period starts in 2020.

Mr Madders said this was ‘deeply disappointing’ and told Parliament statistics showed the number of crashes had doubled in the last four years.

He said: “I have no doubt that there is a direct link between the cuts to those responding to incidents and the increase in time that people have to wait for the incident to be resolved.

“Whilst I accept improvements to the physical layout take longer, to organise the reintroduction of incident support units could take place much sooner.

Chart showing serious and fatal crashes near M56 J14 at Hapsford between 2010 to 2014

“Clearly if delays following incidents are longer then the damage caused to the local economy will be deeper.”

Between 2010 and 2014 there were 16 serious or fatal accidents between, eight of these were in just the 12 months of 2014.

More recent major incidents include the overturned tanker which caused the motorway to be closed in both directions for 12 hours in October last year.

The tanker overturned on the M56 on October 20

So what causes all the accidents? After all it is a straight stretch of motorway.

Weaver Vale representative Mr Evans has said it was Cheshire Constabulary’s position there was no contributing factor which ‘runs through all the incidents’.

He has stated he personally believes the low sun blinding drivers is at fault.

Graham Evans MP

Chronicle readers regularly comment about motorists speeding or getting too close to the car in front.

After a three-vehicle crash on July 20, Glyn Owen commented: “When is this stretch of motorway going to get sorted? How many more have to die or be injured before something is done?”

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