Tristram Hunt MP, Shadow Education Secretary, visited Upton-by-Chester High School.

He led a discussion on current issues with A Level students studying economics, politics, history and sociology.

The visit was co-ordinated by Chris Matheson, the prospective Labour parliamentary candidate for Chester.

Alastair Petty, teacher of history and politics, said: “It was a wonderful opportunity for our students to witness a frontline politician at the top of his game.”

Jake McNicholas, Year 13 student at Upton, said: “It was a great insight into the ideas and policies of a man who could potentially be fighting for our futures."

Topics covered included changes to A-levels, zero-hour contracts and how to deal with the government deficit.

Edward Hawksby, a Year 12 student, said: “I enjoyed the discussion about the risks and benefits of a meritocracy in society.”

Vicky Brown, director of Sixth Form, said: “We were delighted that Tristram Hunt took the time out of his busy schedule to come and talk to our students about education, current affairs and their wider implications.

“There was a stimulating Q&A session and I am sure our students will have gained a valuable understanding from these experiences.”