There could be delays on a major route into Chester from tomorrow (Monday, February 29) as work begins on the upgrading of traffic lights at a key junction.

Cheshire West and Chester (CWaC) highways team has erected signs warning of the work at the junction of Sealand Road, the Deva Link Road and Bumpers Lane, near Tesco.

The work had been due to begin last week but the programme was postponed until tomorrow (Monday, February 29) and could last up to five weeks. However, engineers hope to complete the job sooner.

CWaC spokeswoman Rachel Ashley said the aging traffic light posts were being replaced with new poles that can be unbolted from the foundations and more easily replaced in the event of being hit in a collision.

Delays are likely over a five-week period due to work on the traffic lights at the junction of Sealand Road, Deva Link and Bumpers Lane, Chester, starting on Monday February 29, 2016.

But highways also aim to improve the collision record of the junction where right turns from Bumpers Lane heading down Sealand Road and from Deva Link heading in the opposite direction up Sealand Road have proved problematic. There are no green filter arrows for those lines of traffic and none are proposed.

Instead Mrs Ashley said the intention is to split up the phases so that traffic approaching the junction in opposite directions from Bumpers Lane and the Deva Link won’t be on green at the same time but will take it in turns as an ‘accident reduction’ measure.

The CWaC website warns of ‘a lane closure’ during the work and says delays are likely.

In July 2014 a Volkswagen van flipped on to its roof at the junction after being involved in a collision with a Honda Civic as it was turning right from Bumpers Lane heading towards the city centre.

Van driver Mike Williams, of Ness-based Car Park Coating Ltd, suffered a few cuts and was shaken after the incident.

But he still retained his sense of humour. On seeing the van being dragged on its roof by the cable attached to the recovery truck, he joked: “That’s not going to do it any good. It was fine before!”

The Honda Civic was being driven by a male postal worker from Helsby who was travelling in the direction of Bumpers Lane towards his workplace at the Royal Mail sorting office in Jupiter Drive. Both air bags activated in the car. The driver was shaken but otherwise unharmed.

A rapid response ambulance vehicle attended the scene but neither driver went to hospital.

Police closed off the North Wales-bound carriageway of Sealand Road at its junction with Stadium Way to allow both vehicles to be recovered, causing traffic to back up behind. Traffic officers interviewed several witnesses at the scene and were due to review CCTV footage.